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Easy ID by FlamesAndChibis Easy ID :iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 1 3
Hidden Eyes: Ep 1
Hidden Eyes; Ep 1
I sighed. "No, I don't want your crap. Yes, I own a home - and I don't need your deals."
    I shoved the phone back into the cradle, and glanced around for Harlow and Poko.
    "Here, kitties," I called in a high pitched voice.
    I didn't have to call twice before the two little balls of fluff came barreling out of my bedroom. I crouched down, smiling, and threw them both a bit of mince that I wasn't going to use for dinner. They purred as they ate, and Harlow hissed when Poko tried to eat hers.
    "Jay? You in here?"
    I grinned, unintentionally, as Jhi made his way through the front door.
    "Of course," I answered, almost purring, myself.
    He smiled crookedly, sweetly, as he threw down the briefcases and wrapped his arms around me.
    "I missed you," I whispered. "Don't leave like that agai
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 1 3
Chapter 29 of The Other Side
Chapter 29: Finale
"Why didn't you tell me?" I whimpered to Arthur as I rose furthur into the air, toward the screaming winds and coal-black clouds.
   "Everything happens for a reason..." he mumbled to himself, looking away from me. "I see now... This - It's impossible..."
   "Arthur, you knew. You didn't say," I cried. "You never told me! I could've saved everyone! Now it's happening all over again!"
   "How would you have saved everyone, Alice? How?!" Arthur was angry now, but he simply fell to the ground, sitting down alone.
   "By doing what I'm about to do now," I said quietly, despite the thunderous noise from the music and the screeching sounds from the clouds, rain and wind.
   "I loved Jared, and there's no point in a world where he doesn't exist - whether he loved me or not," I murmured.
   The answers I needed appeared in my vision, and I thought through it over and over again.
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 1 4
Chapter 28 of The Other Side
Chapter 28: Anger
I woke, jolting, as I hit the ground. It was a shock, but there was no pain.
   "S-Sadie," I mumbled, glancing around. "Where'd they go?"
   It took a while for me to register the tears that streamed down her cheeks, and the fact that no one else was there.
   "Jared?!" I half-demanded. "Where is he?"
   Sadie whimpered, and pulled me up, stuttering, "Jyagarenth got them."
   "WHAT?!" I screamed. "How? I was only out for a second?"
   "Alice, it doesn't even take a second for someone to be - to be k-killed," she fumbled with the words.
   "We have to - They can't be..." I broke down in tears. "No, that's a lie... It has to be..."
   I had only found my black wings and red eyes, and now Jared was gone. I was crying, but I felt numb. I didn't feel the pain. I only knew I had to cry.
   "I have to get out of here," I hissed. "I nee
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 0 3
ID for EmmaLiLi by FlamesAndChibis ID for EmmaLiLi :iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 2 1 ID for Britty by FlamesAndChibis ID for Britty :iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 0 3 Where's Your Star? by FlamesAndChibis Where's Your Star? :iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 2 5
Chapter 26 of The Other Side
I watched Julietta sprint past me, no longer with black hair or a black dress. Simply jeans and a tee. She threw herself into the arms of the Redan, who was now... not a ghost.
   "I'm so confused," I sighed to Jared. "Wasn't he a ghost?"
   Jared laughed once, and swept me up into his arms, not bothering to answer. He pressed his lips to mine, and I wound my arms around his neck.
   "That was easy," Jared laughed again, relieved. "We don't die today."
   "Wait, can you please explain the whole ghost thing? 'Cause he was a ghost - I saw."
   "When you die, you have a choice from Jyagarenth," he told me. "You can pass right on to the other side, or you can stay here. The deal is, though, if you pass through, you can never come back. If you stay here, though, you are allowed one moment to be alive again, but then you must remain in the Redan for the rest of your...
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 0 5
Chapter 25 of The Other Side
   "Ha, ha, ha!"
   I watched the creepy Redan 'king' laugh at us. He was faded, almost to a thin, wipsy white. His name was hard to pronounce - something like 'Jyagarenth', but that didn't matter at the moment. Jared stood beside me, his hand wrapped around mine.
   "Alice," Jyagarenth boomed, still grinning evilly. "Why would you make it oh-se-easy for us to find you? Of course, I do not complain, but I must say that it would have been quite the chase had you not touched the Mist."
   I didn't reply, simply staring at him dejectedly. Why did it matter what I said now? Although I had been optimistic before, looking at the guards and weapons they had, I really didn't think we stood a chance.
   "What a creep," Sadie muttered from behind me.
   Julietta laughed softly, and replied. "My poor Alex was stuck with that - that thing for years. I wonder i
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 1 5
Chapter 24 of The Other Side
“Jared!” I cried as I fell to the cold floor of the bleak dungeon cell.
His hands were instantly on my arms, yanking me up and crushing me to his chest.
“Oh, Jared.” I started crying, and his arms tightened around me. "I love you."
“Why are you here?” he growled. “Alice, what were you thinking? You made it so much harder for me to defend you. I don't stand a chance against them all... They'll get you.”
“I couldn’t let you - Do you really think I’d let you and Sadie suffer alone? But I don't care about me, Jared. I just... I just needed you.”
“Alice? Am I still… dreaming?” Sadie awoke, mumbling words that I barely understood.
“Sadie – uh, hey.” I was still being crushed in Jared’s arms, so my words were unintelligible.
“Where’s Ace? Is he here?”
“N-No, Alice, I’m sorry,” I murmured. “I left without anyone seeing.”
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 2 3
Chapter 23 of The Other Side
Chapter  23: DECISION
Julietta had left a while ago, still sobbing for her lost Alex. I couldn’t console her as well as I had wished; only throw an arm over her shoulder, and imagine the grief she felt.
“Alice? Alice, if you’re there…” Jared’s voice disappeared as fast as it had sounded.
I shoved myself off the hard wooden floor and wearily forced my legs over to the misty globe.
“Jared?” I asked quietly, trying to look through the thick mist. When I looked, the mist didn’t go. It surrounded the globe, disabling me to see those trapped inside. “Jared, are you alright?”
“Oh, Alice,” he breathed, but it sounded so far away. “Where are you? Have you met Julietta and Min and Nadia? Tell me you’re safe.”
“I’m okay, I’m okay,” I assured him. “You’re the one trapped in a globe.”
He laughed once, but even not seeing him, I could tell it was fake. For an instant, n
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 0 8
Chapter 22 of The Other Side
    Instantly, at the sound of Jared, I tore myself off the seat and sprinted up the stairs, on Pix's heels the whole way. My heart beat furiously, knowing I might see Jared in just a moment.
    "In here," Pix said eagerly. "They're in here."
    Here? I thought. Weren't they in a ball? Now I was just confused.
    Pix lead us into a room, cold and dark, with a misty blue light radiating from the middle. I carefully followed Pix, trying to see into the ball. It was about as big as a beach ball, and as we got closer, the mist subsided.
    I gasped, and tears welled in my eyes as I spotted Jared in it. I stood right in front of it, and raised my hand to touch the ball.
    "NO!" Pix roared.
    I jumped, startled.
    "If you touch it, even in the slightest, you'll be sucked in."
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 0 6
Chapter 21 of The Other Side
    "I wish for you to meet Julietta, Min and Nadia, Alice. They'll accompany us on our journey," Lita explained to me as we slowly made our way out of the town on our horses.
    I hadn't even realised that we'd all had horses, but Ace took us back to the Tower and we chose horses to journey on. Mine, Katoki, was black with a white mane and tail. Oddly, it's eyes were ice blue, unlike any horse I'd seen in my whole life. He was quiet, and obedient. Lita's horse, Sanah, was insane. She was forever huffing and making weird sounds, as if she was talking to herself. Ace was on Valone, and it was identical to Sanah. They were both brown, although Valone's mane was darker than Sanah's. Ferlaine, Pix's horse, was beautiful. Her deep brown eyes stood out with her gleaming white coat and almost-silver mane and tail. She was so soft that she was almost fluffy.
    "They're all... witches, or that kind, if
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 0 9
Chapter 19 of The Other Side
    "ALICE! GET UP!"
    I blinked, and stretched lazily, oblivious to someone screeching at me. It took a second or two for me to realise I was being yelled at.
    "Huh? Oh," I yawned, "hey Ace. What's up?"
    "Yeah, yeah," I grumbled, pushing myself off of the couch.
    I glanced around, waking up properly. Ace was distraught. And where was Sadie? Wasn't she usually stuck to his side?
    "Where's Jared?" I wondered aloud, too.
    "What?" I was confused enough as it was.
    "The Redan - they've got them!"
    "WHAT?! The Redan have Jared?! When?!"
    "We don't know. Arthur almost sprinted his little legs to our room, well, my room, to tell me Jared had disappeared. Then
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 1 15
Chapter 18 of The Other Side
I was absolutely dumbfounded. How could Jared be from Earth? There was no way, it wasn't even possible. He had wings, and red eyes.
    "Are you alright?"
    I couldn't answer him. I just stared at the wonder before me. Hang on... Jared was from Earth... then he was human, right? Kind of, anyway. Was he the last human to arrive in Marlequin, though? Wasn't that... the last saviour? So many images flashed through my head, all too fast for me to see, but I knew they were of Jared tied in with the last saviour.
    "Were you the last human to come here?" I whispered. "Before me."
    He couldn't answer fast enough. He stared into my eyes, something churning inside his. Eventually, the tension broke.
    "No, Alice."
    I sighed, almost a relieved exhale. "Thank God."
    He wrapped his arms around me while I rested
:iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 2 11
Trial Chibi... by FlamesAndChibis Trial Chibi... :iconflamesandchibis:FlamesAndChibis 1 4


Immortal - Ch 10
Chapter Ten: Precognition Is Sometimes My Worst Nightmare.
Mia? I thought, desperate to know I wasn't alone in the darkness.
    Quickly, my eyes adjusted to the darkness, and I recognized the place I was in. I could smell the fire, and I shook my head.
    This couldn't happen. I stood, and looked for the two chairs.
    There sat Lucas - snickering at me.
    "Gracie, darling," he whispered. "You should have said that you loved me."
    "Oh, no," I whimpered. "Jett?"
    I took a few steps toward the farthest wall, and suddenly the orange flames erupted, and Jett appeared on the wall.
    "Jett?! JETT, NO! THIS CAN'T HAPPEN!" I screamed. "LUCAS! YOU BASTARD!"
    I ran to Jett,
:iconindiii-x:indiii-x 3 2
Immortal - Ch 9
Chapter Nine: The Big Day
Weeks had passed since that day with Lucas, and the weeks had just flown.
    I stood with Mia, hyperventilating just inside the castle doors.
    "Oh, God," I breathed. "How can I do this? I think... I think..."
    "Breathe," Mia said, calmly. "You can do this. You look amazing, you know."
    "You, too. You're beautiful."
    Leigh had basically done us both up - make up, hair, shoes, jewellery. Everything.
    Mia's hair was straightened with her fringe done to absolute perfection. She had a silver clip in her hair - one that Blake had given her when they had first started dating.
    Her dress was strapless, and classic white with beautiful silver embroidery finely lining the corset-bit (I still hadn't learnt all of the wedding terms). Then, from there, it puffed out into, what I thought they ca
:iconindiii-x:indiii-x 3 16
Immortal - Ch 8
Chapter Eight: An Old Love Equals a New Menace.
"Lucas," I breathed. "H-How are you alive? You fell off the cliff. You left me, Lucas."
    "Gracie, I am just what you are, darling."
    "Don't what?" He stepped toward me with his angelic face full of rejection.
    "Don't call me darling now," I growled. "You left me because you couldn't handle what I am! Now you're a vampire, too? You killed me inside when you jumped, Lucas! You were selfish!"
    "I had to do it!" His yell scared me, but it still sounded like the cheeky, sweet Lucas I once knew and loved.
    "No, you didn't, Lucas. You wanted to! You said you loved me, but you didn't! You didn't love me!"
    "Yes I did, and I do!"
    "You don't love me, Lucas."
    "Yes, I do, Gracie. I love you." He was close
:iconindiii-x:indiii-x 3 7
Immortal - Ch 7
Chapter Seven: Surprise.
"Excuse me, Miss Grace, but today you have a meeting to attend... It's to do with the castles in America."
    "Who's it with, Leigh?" I asked as she followed me, writing stuff down on her notepad.
    "Um - just the council, here."
    I nodded. "Alright. Oh, and Leigh, did I tell you I am getting married?"
    She gasped. "No!"
    She grinned and laughed. "That's great! We will have two queens and a king! Weird, actually..."
    I laughed as Mia appeared beside me with a huge grin on her face. "I'm getting married, too, Leigh!"
    "Wow!" she giggled. "This is going to be awesome. Where are the weddings?"
    "Oh, we're just having a double. And we still don't know. They only asked last night."
    Leigh was still grinning. "Thi
:iconindiii-x:indiii-x 3 18
Immortal - Ch 6
Chapter Six: Getting Married!
"Yes! I squealed. "Yes, Jett!"
    "Thank you," he breathed, unable to hide his grin as I hugged and kissed him. "Wait... We have to try the ring..."
    I bit my lip, so excited and ecstatic I could have screamed the castle down.
    He carefully slid the silver band, complete with a beautifully-cut diamond surrounded by tiny black jewels, over my fingers. It fit perfectly.
    "Oh, Jett." I felt out-of-breath. "Thank you. I love you."
    "I love you," he sighed happily, pulling me against him for yet another hug and a long kiss.
    It was interrupted, though, but a quiet tap at the door.
    "Yeah?" I asked.
    "Can I come in?" It was Mia.
    "Sure." I grinned at Jett.
    As she danced in, elated, Blake followed her with a
:iconindiii-x:indiii-x 3 11
Immortal - Ch 5
Chapter Five: Together-Time.
"Mia," Blake whispered, still holding her close.
    We'd all sat in absolute silence for at least an hour after seeing the vision, all thinking the same thing - I can't lose him/her like that.
    There was no way I could bear to see that happen to anyone, and tears welled in my eyes for, what felt like, the millionth time that day.
    "Can we go?" he asked Mia quietly.
    Do you mind?
    No, Mia. Go ahead... I think Jett and I will go, too, I answered.
    Mia nodded to Blake, and he stood up with her still in his arms. They disappeared, and I faintly heard their bedroom door close.
    He cut me off by pressing his lips to mine fiercely, and I didn't fight it. His hands knotted in my hair, as I held his face his my hands.
:iconindiii-x:indiii-x 3 28
Immortal - Ch 4
Chapter Four: Worst Possible Outcome #2.
"What did it all, mean, though?" Mia whispered as we sat in our thrones, which we'd moved to make a square so we could all face each other.
    It had been two long days since that first vision.
    "I don't have a clue," I said, hopelessly.
    "Mimi?" Blake asked, grabbing her hand as her eyes went blank.
    "Mia?" I asked, hoping that this wasn't another terrifying vision.
    I concentrated, again, as hard as I could, and slowly, yet surely, sank into another dark room...
    "Mia? Oh, GOD! MIA, NO!" Blake cried.
    I don't know where I was, but I was watching Blake cry over a limp body.
    "Blake? What's...?" I mustn't have been in this vision as I couldn't speak to him. I could only watch for this vision.
:iconindiii-x:indiii-x 3 1
Immortal - Ch 3
Chapter Three: Worst Possible Outcome.
"You are such the bad-ass with blood on your lips," Jett whispered, almost a laugh, with a small smile playing on the corners of his mouth.
    "You betcha," I breathed, planting a bloody kiss on his alabaster-pale cheek.
    He closed his eyes, and I grinned. "Love you, Jetty-Pooh."
    He smirked, and slowly opened his beautiful green-brown eyes again. "I love you, too, Gracie."
    As his arms tightened around me, I froze, hearing an ear-piercing scream in my head.
    "Mia!" I gasped.
    "Huh?" Jett asked, grabbing my hand as I spun toward the stairs.
    "Mia just screamed - c'mon!" I yanked him with me until he realised what I had been saying.
    As he leapt in front of me, and pulled me along behind me, when I caught glimpses of his face, I could see he was c
:iconindiii-x:indiii-x 3 3
Immortal - Ch 2
Chapter Two: Hunters
"Mia," I whispered. "There!"
       Not far ahead, two humans walked through the long grass, unsuspecting. They were an older couple.
       "Alfred," the lady said. "Look at these flowers!"
       "Barbara, we have to see the historic castles. We can look at flowers back in England. I want to see the ruins."
       "I want the grumpy one," Mia snickered.
       I grinned, and laughed once.
       "Stalk or greet?"
       Mia thought for a minute, and jumped to the ground from our positions in the old oak tree.
       She looked up at me. "Greet. It's the least we can do for the oldies."
       I leaped down, and gestured to them. "L
:iconindiii-x:indiii-x 3 7
Immortal - Ch 1
Chapter One: Independance
"Jett," I whispered. "Where are we going?"
    The roads were empty, and the breeze was chilling.
    "Blake said he'd taken Mia to the palace again," Jett replied, grabbing my hand. "We can't be late."
    We blitzed through the village plaza, not a single sound as we made our way to our palace. It was more like a crumbling castle that we had taken ownership of, but it was still a palace to us.
    I glanced down at the black ocean, reaching for us as we crept out of the plaza, and down the hillside. The grass was up to my knees and it parted in the wind as we walked through.
    "Mia," I breathed as we entered the castle to see her sitting, waiting, in her throne.
    "Where have you been?" she flitted to us, and Jett let go of my hand as Mia choked me in a hug.
    "We were looking for you."
:iconindiii-x:indiii-x 4 4
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